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S.No.Project TitlePICo-PIFunding Agency Amount Sanctioned / Proposed (Rs. in Lakhs)Amount Released (Rs. in Lakhs)DurationStart /Submission DateStatus
1"The Socio-economic and Political Inclusion of the Gujjars and Bakarwals in Jammu and Kashmir: An Exploration of Interests, Preferences and Policy Needs"Dr. Mehak MajeedProf. Farooq Ahmad Malik,AP,GDC Anantnag, prof Zahid Gulzar, AP, GDC, AnantnagICSSR12.00 1 year02-08-2023Ongoing
2A Computer Vision based Real-Time portable fruit grading and sorting system through quality evaluation and classificationDr. Liyaqat Naziri) Dr. Burhan Khurshid, ii) Er. Rouf ul Alam Bhat, University of Kashmir. JKST&IC5.485.482 Year30-11-2021Ongoing
3A Light weight Security Mechanism for IoT Based Healthcare SystemsDr. Riaz Ahmed Khani) Prof. A.H. Moon ii) Mr. Sajaad Ahmed Lone iii) Dr. Saba Mushtaq, Univeristy of KashmirJKST&IC7.097.092 Years30-11-2021Ongoing
4A Study of Basic Hypergeometric Functions and Their Applications With Special Reference in Integral TransformsDr. Mohd Younus BhatProf. Fozia S. QaziJKST&IC7.507.502 Years30-11-2021Ongoing
5A Study of Wavelets on Local FieldsDr. Mohd Younus Bhat UGC10.0010.002 years21-10-2021Ongoing
6Al Enable Kashmiri Rug authenticationDr. Muzafar Rasool BhatDr. Aasif Assad, Dr. Asifa Mehraj Baba, Ab. Naffi AhangerJKST&IC1.501.501 Year20-02-2023Ongoing
7An Approach to Model Covid-19 OutbreakDr. Asif Ali Bankai) Dr. Anees Fatima, Womens College, M.A. Road, Srinagar, ii) Dr. Asiya Nazir, Govt., Degree College, Pattan, Baramullah. JKST&IC5.995.992 years30-11-2021Ongoing
8Architecture Epigraphy in Early Modern KashmirMr. Mehran Qureshi Barakat Trust10.009.001 year30-05-2023Ongoing
9Artificial intelligence Based Deep Learning Model to Predict Gastric Cancer Tumor Heterogeneity and Therapeutic Response Using Histopathology ImagesDr. Muzafar Ahmad MachaDr. Muzafar Rasool,Dr. Baseena, SKIMS Dr. Sheikh Zahoor, SKIMS, Dr. Assif AssadICMR21.70 10.104542 Year17-06-2022Ongoing
10Authenticating Kashmiri Pashmina Using Deep Learning (ArtificialIntelligence)Dr. Muzafar Rasool BhatDr. Aasif Assad, Assistant Professor, Department of CS&EJKST&IC8.89 8.892 year30-11-2021Ongoing
11Circular Economy Approach to Recover Pectin, Cellulose and Starch Like Industrially Important Polymeric Compounds from Early Drop Wasted ApplesDr. Hilal Ahmad Makrooi) Dr. Basharat Nabi Dar ii) Prof. H.R.NaikSERB-DST32.9527.642 years30-12-2021Ongoing
12Comparison of Respiratory Health of Brick Kiln Workers and Local inhabitants with the General Population of Kashmir valley: a cross Sectional studyMs Asmat PerveenProf. Saleem Khan (SPM, JMC Srinagar), Ms. Ulfat AminICMR28.56 2 Year16-09-2023Ongoing
13Data gathering analysis and protection of privacy through randomised response algorithmMr. Zahoor Ahmad GanieDr. Tanveer Ahmad TarrayJKST&IC6.30 6.302 years30-11-2021Ongoing
14Design and Analysis of a Bag value mask based frugal ventilatorDr. Shahkar Ahmad Nahvii) Dr. M.A. Bazaz, NIT, Srinagar ii) Dr. M.H. Koul iii) Mr. P. Shoaib HamidJKST&IC7.707.702 years30-11-2021Ongoing
15Design and Development of Domain Specific Machine Translation System for Kashmiri LanguageDr. Kaisar Javeed GiriDr. Rumaan Bashir , Dr. Javeed IqbalJKST&IC6.406.402 Years30-11-2021Ongoing
16Design and Development of Low Cost Solar dryer for BAT manufacturers in KashmirDr. Ovais Gulzar DSIR-PRISM1.96118 months30-12-2022Ongoing
17Design and Development of Phase change Material based greenhouse solar dryer for walnut dryingDr. Aamir Hussain Dar JKST&IC6.096.092 years30-11-2021Ongoing
18Design and Implementation of novel hybrid watermarking algorithms, for Copyright Protection of Cultural Artefacts, with special reference to IPR protection of Kashmiri Folk Songs and Heritage ImageryDr. Shabir A Parra (University of Kashmir)i) Dr. Kaiser Javeed, Department of Computer Science, IUST ii) Dr. Javeed A Sheikh (University of Kashmir)SHRI-DST57.0511250.703 Years02-12-2020Ongoing
19Design and implementation of reduced switch count multi level inverter for unified power flow controller solar intermittency and power qualityDr.Salman Ahmadi) Dr. Ahmed Sharique Anees ii) Mr Javeed BashirJKST&IC2.742.742 years30-11-2021Ongoing
20Development and Characterization of active and composite edible packaging from underutilized cereals "vetch" (Vicia villosa) by incorporating polyphenolic compounds from hack berries (celtis australis) Dr. Aamir Hussain DarDr. Tariq Ahmad GanaieSERB SURE29.68 3 Year08-05-2023Ongoing
21Development and characterization of in vitro models to identify novel therapeutic targets for Indian Esophageal Cancer patients.Dr. Muzafar Ahmad Macha DBT113.6071.665 years21-12-2020Ongoing
22Development of green technology based hybrid space heating system for Kashmir valleyDr. Ahmed Sharique Aneesi) Dr. Salman Ahmad, ii) Mr. Rayees Ahmad LoneJKST&IC4.994.992 Years30-11-2021Ongoing
23Development of process technology for the nano encapsulation of quercetin and quercetin glycosides from sprouted onionDr. Ishrat Majid (Women Scientist) DST27.346659.115563 Year27-12-2022Ongoing
24Early Detection and Efficient Prevention of Breast Cancer using machine learning TechniquesDr. Bilal Ahmad Malik, University of Kashmir Dr. Liyaqat Nazir, Dr. Shabir Ahmad parra (KU)JKST&IC3.391.242 year27-10-2021Ongoing
25Effect of Swift Heavy Ion Irradiation On Structural, Electrical And Magnetic Properties of Co doped LaMnO3 Thin FilmsDr. Farooq Hussain Bhat Inter University Accelerator Centre (IUAC) New Delhi6.001.44843 years18-07-2022Ongoing
26Effective Applications of Artificial Intelligence in Design Climate of Resistant and Occupancy Based StructuresDr. Asif Ali BankaDr. Shujaat HussainSERB SURE26.926.793 Year22-09-2023Ongoing
27Effective Thermal Insulation of Contemporary Houses in KashmirDr. Shujaat HussainMr. Mir AijazJKST&IC7.497.492 Years30-11-2021Ongoing
28Elucidating Nutraceutical Properties of Traditional Apple Cultivars of Kashmir as Potential Functional FoodDr. Munib UR Rehman, AP, FT, SKUAST(K)Dr. Basharat Nabi DarJKST&IC9.102.422 years29-10-2021Ongoing
29Employment and Skill Enhancement Enablement of High Computing and e-Learning through IUST CloudProf. A. H. Mooni) Dr. Assif Assad, Department of CS&E ii) Dr. Muzaffar Rasool, Department of Computer ScienceHigher Education Department1600.00200.003 year24-03-2021Ongoing
30Establishment of an interdisciplinary Science and Technology Research Program for Chronic Diseases, (PURSE-2022)Prof. Ayoub QadriDr. Muzafar Ahmad Macha, Dr. Aabid Hussain Shalla, Dr. Muzafar Rasool Bhat, Dr. Arsheed Ahmad Ganaie, Dr. Andleeb, Dr. B. N. Dar, Dr. Assif Assad, Dr. Peer Bilal Ahmad, Dr. Rais Ahmad GanaiePURSE-DST1000.00685.004 Year20-04-2023Ongoing
31Establishment of Design Innovation Centre (DIC) at Islamic University of Science and Technology.Dr. Shahkar Ahmad Nahvi MHRD (through DIC, Delhi University)100.0095.0010 years20-04-2015Ongoing
32Establishment of Innovation Centre (for Kashmir Division Colleges) at IUST.Prof. A. H. Mooni) Dr. Kaiser Javeed ii) Dr. Rumaan Bashir iii) Dr. Javaid Iqbal iv) Ms. Shazia Manzoor v) Ms. Shabana Nargis vi) Dr. Muzafar RasoolHigher Education Department1000.00100.003 Years01-01-2021Ongoing
33Examining the impact of Pradhan Mantri Ujjwala Yojana on cooking fuel choice and the health of women in J&kDr. Irfan Ahmad Sofi National Commission for Women, India7.551.8810 months21-09-2023Ongoing
34Extraction characterization and antimicrobial activity of walnut hull : Studies on its food and non food applicationsDr. Hilal Ahmad Makrooi) Dr. B.N.Dar ii) Prof. H.R.NaikJKST&IC7.527.522 years30-11-2021Ongoing
35Extraction, Characterization and Encapsulation of Natural Bio-Active Compounds from Rheum emodi and Urtica dioica for the Development of Novel Nutraceutical Bakery productDr. Darakshan Majid DBT49.2415.0018 months10-03-2022Ongoing
36Fire Resistance of Reinforced Concrete Columns: Revisiting codal guidelinesDr. Shujaat HussainDr. Umesh Kumar Sharma Civil Engineering Department, IIT RoorkiSERB-DST18.3016.103 years04-12-2018Ongoing
37Fluorescence and Colorimetric Chemo-sensors for Environmental Mercury (Hg2) and Fluoride (F) DetectionDr. Sajad Ahmad BhatDr. Aabid Hussain ShallaJKST&IC8.108.102 Years30-11-2021Ongoing
38Gastric Resistant Hydrogels Based on Modified Natural Polymers as Potential Drug Delivery AgentsDr. Aabid Hussain Shalla SERB SURE23.1211.913 Year21-09-2023Ongoing
39Impact Assessment of Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojana in Improving Financial Inclusion in Jammu and Kashmir (UT)Dr. Shumila Cheshti ICSSR5.002.506 months27-09-2023Ongoing
40Impact of hiring and firing laws on factor productivity: A unit level analysis using judicial outcome IndexDr. Irfan Ahmad Sofi Azim Premji University6.002.592 year03-03-2022Ongoing
41Learning Drug Associations using Convolutional Neural NetworksDr. Assif AssadAssif AssadJKST&IC8.008.002 Years30-11-2021Ongoing
42Low-cost energy-efficient and seismically safe Prototype House for KashmirMr. Mehran Qureshi CIED-IUST4.004.001 year27-03-2023Ongoing
43Nanomaterial reinforced Smart Tri-azole based Hydrogel Systems for removal of Antibiotics, Polyaromatic Hydrocarbons and Toxic Heavy Metal ionsDr. Aabid Hussain Shalla JKST&IC9.309.302 years30-11-2021Ongoing
44Novel Nuclear structure studies with modern theoretical approachesDr. Niyaz Aahmad Ratheri) Prof. Sheikh Javid, University of Kahsmir, ii) Dr. Gowhar Hussian Bhat, S.P. Collège Sgr.SERB-DST30.8589622.743 year21-01-2021Ongoing
45Nuclear Structure Studies using Triaxial Projected Shell Model approachDr. Niyaz Aahmad Rather UGC10.0010.002 Years21-10-2021Ongoing
46Passive Noise Control-Acoustical properties of material and its applicationsMr. Mir Aijaz AhmadDr. Shujaat HussainJKST&IC7.39 5.092 years30-11-2021Ongoing
47Quantitative Phase Imaging SystemDr. Mandeep SinghDr. Farooq Hussain BhatDr. Muzafar Rasool BhatDr. Assif AssadSERB SURE34.00 3 Year08-05-2023Ongoing
48Reassessment of World Swallowtail Butterflies Aijaz Ahmad QureshiInternational Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN), SwitzerlandNil 5 years23-12-2018Ongoing
49Smart and Secure Healthcare System for Patient Monitoring and Diagnosis of Diseases in integraded IoT and Fog computing environmentsDr. Adil BashirProf. Ajaz Hussain Mir, NIT, SrinagarJKST&IC7.207.202 Years30-11-2021Ongoing
50Start Up India Seed Capital SchemeDr. Parvez Ahmad Mir DPIIT - GOI500.00210.003 Year14-07-2023Ongoing
51Study of Magnetic properties of Perovskites using Artifical IntelligenceDr. Farooq Hussain BhatDr. Muzafar Rasool(CS) Dr. Aasif Assad(CSE) Dr. Mandeep Singh(Physics)SERB-DST36.7858033.771103 Year02-05-2023Ongoing
52Study, Design, Febrication and testing of a low cost solar powered sand battery for thermal storageMr. Jawaaz Ahmad JKST&IC2.002.001 Year20-02-2023Ongoing
53Supramolecular Schiff-base Chiral Macrocycles with Amine, Hydroxy, and Thiol Functionalization for the Recognition of Chiral Biological AnionsDr. Imtiyaz Ahmad Bhat SERB-DST32.57 2 Year04-09-2023Ongoing
54Systems biology-based identification and validation of potential novel therapeutic agents for Head and Neck Squamous Cell CarcinomaDr. Muzafar Ahmad MachaDr. Arsheed A. GanaieSERB-DST51.10 23.633 years12-01-2022Ongoing
55To investigate the catalytic and non-catalytic roles of replicative DNA polymerases in preserving replication fork integrity during replication stressDr. Rais Ahmad Ganai SERB-DST55.0014.443 Years14-01-2021Ongoing
56To investigate the mechanistic basis of anomalous Polycomb inhibition in prostate cancersDr. Rais Ahmad GanaiDr. Aijaz Ahmad QureshiICMR45.0015.003 Years09-04-2020Ongoing
57To investigate the role of MDM2 as a Master Regulator and Therapeutic Target in Neuroendocrine Prostate CancerDr. Arsheed Ahmad Ganaie DBT113.6071.665 years24-02-2021Ongoing
58To Study the Novel Role of Cullin- 3 SPOP E3 Ligase mediated immune surveillance in Prostate Cancer by promoting the degradation of Next generation immune checkpoint inhibitor CD73Dr. Arsheed Ahmad GanaieDr. Muzafar A MachaSERB-DST50.3435.353 years12-01-2022Ongoing
59Translation Research in infectious DiseasesProf. Mohd Ayub Qadri Higher Education Department126.6026.003 Year20-04-2020Ongoing
60Ultrasound and infrared assisted past-harvest processing of indigenous aromatic rice (Oryza sativa var mushkbudji): An approach to enhance quality and shelf lifeDr. Thameed AijazDr. Hilal Ahmad MakrooSERB SURE28.346.813 year25-09-2023Ongoing
61Understanding the biodiversity of Odonata (Class Insecta) of Kashmir Himalayan Region with reference to Climate ChangeDr. Aijaz Ahmad QureshiProf. Fozia S. Qazi DST58.3778944.973 years18-03-2019Ongoing
62Using Longitudinal Data for Early Detection and Progression Monitoring of Alzheimer’s DiseaseDr. Assif AssadMr. Rayees Ahmed Dar, Dr. Mohammad Khalid Pandith, Mr. Peerzada Shoaib HamidJKST&IC7.097.092 Years30-11-2021Ongoing

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