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Research Project
S.No.Project TitlePICo-PIFunding Agency Amount Sanctioned / Proposed (Rs. in Lakhs)Amount Released (Rs. in Lakhs)DurationStart /Submission DateStatus
1"Power Discourse and Folklore: A study of the Folk Literature of Kashmir"DR. Munejah Khan IUST1.981.982 year01-09-2017Completed
2A study of E-waste management in KashmirDr. Parvez Ahmad MirMohd iqbal khan IUST2.05 2.052 year01-07-2018Completed
3A Study on Behavioral Attitude of Students Using Artificial Neural Networks for Their Career Choice Guidance with Special Reference to Kashmir ValleyDr. Asifa Mehraj Baba IUST1.601.601 year08-03-2018Completed
4A Study on Determinants and their influence on Tourists Destination Choice IntentionDr. Asif Iqbal FaziliDr. Irfan BashirIUST1.621.621 Year08-03-2018Completed
5Adaptive Deep Neural Networks for Internet of ThingsMohammad Khalid PanditDr. Shoaib Amin Banday, Department of Electronics & Communication EngineeringTEQIP-III2.001.341 year15-04-2019Completed
6Analysis and Protection of Privacy through randomized response techniques using branch and bound algorithmMs. Baziga YoussufDr Tanveer Ahmad, Tarray, Department of Mathematical SciencesTEQIP-III , MHRD2.002.002 years15-04-2019Completed
7Analysis of Bond-Slip in reinforced concrete during Spalling in FireDr. Shujaat Hussain TEQIP-III2.001.721 Year15-04-2019Completed
8Apple disease diagnosis : App developmentBasharat Nabi DarProf. Z. A. Bhat, SKUAST(K), ShalimarIUST5.855.85028-11-2017Completed
9AUDIENCE ANALYSIS & IMPACT ASSESSMENT OF DIPR TELEVISION PROGRAM ‘SUKOON’Dr. Ruheela Hassan Sheikh J&K Directorate of Information & Public Relations0.36 6 months15-10-2020Completed
10Biocompatible Surfactant Based Hydrogels, Synthesis, Characterization and ApplicationAabid Hussain Shalla UGC15.5860013.379933 years01-07-2015Completed
11Biometric Based QR Codes for Document SecurityRiaz Ahmed KhanMr. Sajaad Ahmed LoneTEQIP - III2.002.00115-04-2019Completed
12Blockchain University: An immutable e-learning assessment platform using BlockchainDr. Ahsan HussainDr.Syed Zubair Ahmed ShahJKST&IC2.952.951 Year30-11-2021Completed
13Challenges and Prospects of Handicraft Industry in KashmirDr. Ruheela Hassan SheikhDr. Parvaiz Ahmad MirICSSR 8.507.652 years26-07-2019Completed
14Computational insights into the design of size-selected cage-type and core-shell nanoclusters with low platinum loading for oxygen reduction reactionDr. Manzoor Ahmad Dar UGC10.0010.003 years20-01-2020Completed
15Context Aware Security for Internet of ThingsDr. Sahil ShollaDr. Adil BashirTEQIP2.001.201 year15-04-2019Completed
16Deep Learning based Algorithms for detection of Breast Cancer using Histopathological ImagesDr. Assif AssadMr. Rayees Ahmed DarTEQIP III2.001.591 Year15-04-2019Completed
17Deep Neural NetworksDr. Muzafar Rasool EDC- IUST3.802.002 year18-01-2018Completed
18Design and analysis of quasi z-source based multilevel dc-link inverter for performance enhancement of photovoltaic systemDr. Salman AhmadMr Rahim UddinSEED GRANT TEQIP-III2.002.001 Year15-04-2019Completed
19Design and Fabrication of Low Cost PAPR (Powered Air-Purifying Respirator) for Medical PractitionersJawaaz Ahmad JKST&IC0.392000.392006 Months22-11-2021Completed
20Design of CADe and CADx System using information beyond Human PerceptionShoeib Amin BandayDr. Khalid PanditTEQIP-III2.002.0015 months15-04-2019Completed
21Design, development and maintenance of photovoltaic based systemsDr. Faroze Ahmad TEQIPIII2.002.001 year15-04-2019Completed
22Design, development of solar tree assisted hybrid green house dryer for Walnut DryingEr. Shafat Ahmad Khani) Dr. Aamir Hussain Dar, ii) Prof. Punyadarshini Tripathy, IIT Kharagpur, iii) Dr. Abida Jabeen.TEQIP-III13.1913.191 year18-06-2019Completed
23Development and Deployment of Deep Learning-based Rice Seed ClassifierDr. Rayees Ahmad DarDr. Assif AssadTEQIP IUST2.001.6201 year15-04-2019Completed
24Development and Tribological characterization of the self-lubricating Aluminium alloy (AA6061)/Nano-Ceramic compositeEr. Mahendra Kumar Sonii) Dr. Ovais Gulzar, iii) Prof. M.F. Wani, NIT, Sriinagar iii) Mr. Mir Irfan ul Haq, SMVDUMHRD, GOI (NPIU-CRS-TEQIP-III)13.2813.282 years18-06-2019Completed
25Development of Fusion based Defogging Technique for visibility improvement.Dr. MD Imtiyaz Anwari) Dr. Asifa Baba ii) Prof. A. H. Moon, iii) Mr. Arun Khosla (DR. B. R. Ambedkar NIT, Jalandar)MHRD, GOI (NPIU-CRS-TEQIP-III)12.1212.121 year18-06-2019Completed
26Development of theoretical descriptors for the rational design of single-atom catalysts for CO2 hydrogenation using first principle simulationsDr. Manzoor Ahmad Dar SERB-DST24.2023.002 years09-12-2020Completed
27Development of weather station at IUST for assessing the utilization of renewable energy for space heating, cooling and other sustainable applicationsDr. Ahmed Sharique AneesDr. Salman AhmadTEQIP-III2.002.00115-04-2019Completed
28Devlopment and promotion of seabuckthorn based foodsEr. Zakir Showkat Khani) Prof. H.N.Mishra, IIT Kharagpur ii) Dr. B.N DarMHRD, GOI (NPIU-CRS-TEQIP-III)11.3511.351 year18-06-2019Completed
29Dynamic Polycomb interactome and its role in development and diseaseDr. Rais Ahmad Ganai SERB118102.005 Years01-01-2018Completed
30Dynamic supra molecular recognition and inform from shape shifting molecules. (DST-INSPIRE/04/2016/000098Dr. Masood Ayoub Kaloo DST35.0019.0003 years02-02-2017Completed
31Early Detection of Alzheimer's Disease using Deep LearningEr. Rayees Ahmad Dari) Dr. Assif Assad, ii) Dr. Arnav Vinayak, IIT MandiMHRD, GOI (NPIU-CRS-TEQIP-III)16.0812.061 Year18-06-2019Completed
32Entreprenurship Awearness Programms in IUSTDr. Parvez Ahmad Mir DST1.201.20101-01-2019Completed
33Establishment of Food Testing LaboratoryDr. Basharat Nabi DarDr. Darakshan MajidMinistry of Food Processing, GoI386.82380.235 Years17-04-2013Completed
34e-Waste Management in J&K State using Data AnalyticsDr. Rumaan Bashiri) Dr. Kaiser Javeed ii) Dr. Zahid HussainDIC, IUST1.01.02 years01-01-2020Completed
35Exploring Narrative Storytelling as Mental Health Support for Women Experiencing Gender Based Violence in Extreme Settings Shazana Kehkashan Andrabi SyedUniversity College London0.22886  1 year13-02-2019Completed
36Extraction of essential oils from cultivable and wild plants Dr. Aabid Hussain Shallai) Dr. Manzoor Ahmad Rather, ii) Dr. Basharat Nabi DarEDC- IUST4.004.002 year29-05-2018Completed
37Fatigue Analysis of High Entropy AlloysEr. Umar Rashid Dassi) Dr. Azhar Ajmeel ii) Er. Riyaz Qasab iii) Er. G Harmain, NIT, Srinagar, iv)Er. Irfan Wani, NIT, SrinagarMHRD, GOI (NPIU-CRS-TEQIP-III)12.1712.172 years18-06-2019Completed
38Folk Media Preservation InitiativeDr. Ruheela Hassan SheikhDr. Monisa QadiriIUST2.052.051 year08-03-2018Completed
39Gender Balance & Academic Leadership: A Strategic AnalysisDr. Anisa JanDr. Asif Iqbal FaziliIUST2.402.401 Year01-01-2018Completed
40Green approach for Solubilization of polyaromatic hydrocarbons by using newly synthesized surfactant based hydrogels. (YOUNG SCIENTIST SERB DST YSS/2014/000804)Dr. Zahid Yaseen SERB32.0029.673 year04-11-2015Completed
41Identification and characterization of the nutritional as well as anti-nutritional components of minor fruitsDr. Basharat Nabi Dar(i) Dr. Darakshan Majid (ii) Dr. Abida JabeenDBT, GOI46.0046.00101-01-2015Completed
42Identification of Kashmiri Script in a Document Image using Frequency DomainDr. Rumaan Bashiri) Dr. Kaiser Javeed ii) Dr. Javaid IqbalIUST3.003.002 years01-01-2018Completed
43Impact of Urban Education Complexes on Education of Scheduled Tribes in J&KProf .A.S. BhatShazana Kehkashan Andrabi SyedDirectorate of Tribal Affairs, Govt., of J&K7.003.503 year27-03-2018Completed
44Innovative Hammam DesignMohd Dilawar Bhat TEQIP III2.001.901 year15-04-2019Completed
45Laplacian Energy of Graphs and DigraphsDr. Bilal Ahmad Chati)Dr. Mohd Younus Bhat; ii) Dr. Mehraj Lone, NIT, Srinagar; iii) Dr. Altaf Bhat; iv) Dr. Ramandeep KourMHRD, GOI (NPIU-CRS-TEQIP-III)4.454.45118-06-2019Completed
46Measuring the Economic and Social Impact of Local Authority EventsDr. Asif Iqbal FaziliDr. Anisa JanPNB0.350.351 Year05-08-2015Completed
47Media Exposure Among Rural Kashmiri WomenDr. Ruheela Hassan Sheikh MHRD, National Council for Rural Institutes (NCRI), GOI0.400.408 months02-05-2018Completed
48Medical Image Authentication Using Digital Image WatermarkingDr. Kaisar JaveedDr. Rumaan BashirIUST3.003.001.5 Year01-01-2018Completed
49Millimeter wave antenna design for 5G ComminicationShakeel Ahmad MalikDr. Khalid Muzaffar & Mr. Ajaz MirMHRD, GOI (NPIU-CRS-TEQIP-III)13.8813.882 Years18-06-2019Completed
50Model Order Reduction for Simulation Acceleration in Power Electronics.Dr M.A. Bazaz (NIT Srinagar)Dr. Shahkar Ahmad NahviCentral Power Research Institute7.027.022 years12-02-2019Completed
51Moderate Electric Field and Pressure Assisted Extraction (MEFPAE) of Colorants from Food WasteDr. Hilal Ahmad MakrooDr. Thameed AijazMHRD, GOI (NPIU-CRS-TEQIP-III)14.0914.091 year18-06-2019Completed
52Multidimensional Erratic Fluctuations of Relativistic Shower Particles Produced in the Collisions of 32S – Em at 200 AGeVDr. Mir Hashim Rasool UGC10.0010.002 Years21-10-2021Completed
53Multiple Input Multiple Output Antenna Design for Wireless CommunicationDr. Khalid Muzzafar TEQIP-III2.002.002 years15-04-2019Completed
54Nano-emulsions as carriers for targeted delivery of bioactive compoundsEr. Farah Naqashi) Dr. Basharat Nabi Dar ii) Er. Shemilah Fayaz iii) Dr. M. a. Shah, NIT, SrinagarMHRD, GOI16.02 16.02018-06-2019Completed
55Negative pressure extraction of Bioactive Compounds from Lavender : Kinetics and ModellingEr. Shafat Ahmad KhanDr. Aamir Hussain DarUniversity Seed Grant (TEQIP III)2.67 2.672 years15-04-2019Completed
56Optimized FIR Implementation on FPGA Platforms using Embedded Primitive and Macro BlocksDr. Burhan Khurshid TEQIP-III2.002.002 years15-04-2019Completed
57Predicting Online Doctor Ratings from User Reviews Using Deep Neural NetworksDr. Muzafar Rasool Bhat IUST3.80 3.802 years01-01-2018Completed
58Predicting Student Performance using Data Science TechniquesDr. Muzafar Rasool Bhat IUST (DIC)0.60 2 years01-01-2018Completed
59Preparation and characterization of biodegradable composite films and their application in foodsEr. Shemilah Fayazi) Dr. B.N Dar, ii) Dr. M. A Shah, NIT, Srinagar, iii) Ms. Farah NaqashMHRD, GOI (NPIU-CRS-TEQIP-III)12.7912.791 year18-06-2019Completed
60Probabilistic Topic Modeling of Large Text Corpora using Weighted Latent Dirichlet Allocation for Theme Based Information RetrievalDr. Muzafar Rasool BhatDr. Tanveer Ahamd TarrayIUST2.802.802 yrs10-02-2017Completed
61Processing and value addition of Temperate Horticulture Crops for Women empowerment in Kashmir ValleyDr. Darkshan MajidDr. Basharat Nabi DarCITH-ICAR, New Delhi17.0017.003 Years01-01-2013Completed
62Satisfaction of Healthcare professional towards Performance Appraisal System in J&KDr. Parvez Ahmad Mir UGC8.24 8..24101-07-2015Completed
63Secure Communication Architecture for Cloud-IoTDr. Adil BashirDr. Sahil ShollaTEQIP-III2.000.9101 Year15-04-2019Completed
64Security Framework for cloud IoTEr. Idrees Afzali) Dr. Adil Bashir, ii) Dr. Mohammad Ashsan Chisthi, NIT, Srinagar iii) Dr. Shima Qureshi, NIT, Srinagar iv) Mr. Sheikh Moeen ul HaqueMHRD, GOI (NPIU-CRS-TEQIP-III)14.90 10.9101 Year18-06-2019Completed
65Skill development training programmeDr. Basharat Nabi DarDr. Darkshan MajidAgriculture Technology Managing Agency4.36 4.361 year03-09-2014Completed
66Spiking neural network based computational model for Internet of thingsMohammad Khalid Panditi) Dr. Assif Assad, ii) Dr. Roohie Mir, NIT, Srinagar iii) Dr. Mohammad Ashan Chisthi, NIT, Srinagar iv)Dr. Shoaib Banday.MHRD, GOI (NPIU-CRS-TEQIP-III)11.378.531.5 years18-06-2019Completed
67Study of basic Hypergeometric functions and their generalization with reference to quantum calculusDr. Altaf Ahmad Bhati) Prof. Fozia S. Qazi; ii) Dr. Deepak Jain, MITS, Gwalior iii) Dr. Bilal Ahmad Chat; iv) Dr. Ramandeep KourMHRD, GOI (NPIU-CRS-TEQIP-III)5.205.201 year18-06-2019Completed
68The Study of Structural and Electronic Properties of Cobalt Doped NdMnO3 Perovskite Manganite using X-ray Absorption Spectroscopy (XAS).Dr. Farooq Hussain Bhat IUST1.401.402 year09-08-2017Completed
69Total Educational Quality Improvement Programme (TEQIP-III)School of Engineering & Technology/ School of SciencesParvez Ahmad MirMHRD, GOI2258 2225.9253Three years01-07-2017Completed
70Triformylphloroglucinol based chemosensors for the recognition of polynitro aromatic compoundsDr. Sajad Ahmad BhatDr. Aabid H. Shalla, Dr.J. K. Bera & Dr. Kowsar MajidMHRD, GOI (NPIU-CRS-TEQIP-III)12.0712.001 year 18-06-2019Completed
71What role does employment protection legislation play in wage determination under segmented labour under segmented labour markets? A state level analysisDr. Irfan Ahmad Sofi ICSSR, GOI10.008.772 years20-03-2019Completed
Consultancy Project
S.No.Project TitlePICo-PIFunding Agency Amount Sanctioned / Proposed (Rs. in Lakhs)Amount Released (Rs. in Lakhs)DurationStart /Submission DateStatus
11. Implementation of Various Automatic Security Solutions at various Shrines for JK MUSLIM WAKF BOARD, KASHMIRDr. Rumaan Bashiri) Dr. Kaiser Javeed ii) Dr. Javeed IqbalJK MUSLIM WAKF BOARD10.0010.002 years01-01-2015Completed

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