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Habba Khatoon Centre for Kashmiri Language and Literature was established in recognition of the national significance of the Kashmiri Language in the 8th schedule of the Constitution. The Kashmiri Language has been declared as one of the official Languages of the Union Territory of Jammu and Kashmir and that there is a special focus on Mother Language in NEP 2020.The Centre has therefore tremendous potential to grow and blossom into a dynamic academic and research Centre to disseminate knowledge, tradition as well as to enshoulder the responsibility of highlighting valuable literary and cultural past of Kashmir that personifies Kashmiri Language and culture which has shaped the contours of the collective psyche of the people of Kashmir, universal brotherhood and peaceful co-existence over several thousand years. The Centre also aims at conducting research on Women’s Contribution to Kashmiri Literature, Intellectual Background of Classical and new Sensibilities in Kashmiri Literatur

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    Dr. Showkat Hussain Dar



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