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Averroes Centre for Philosophical Studies has been named after the Muslim polymath and jurist, Ibn Rushd whose philosophical works especially his insightful commentaries on Aristotle earned him the title of the ‘Commentator and Father of Rationalism’. Referred to as Averroes in Latin West, Ibn Rushd not only paved the way for philosophy as one of the three valid paths of arriving at religious truths but also had a lasting influence on medieval thought and the Western philosophical tradition. He underscored the significance of a critical and philosophical engagement with religion to unravel not only the deeper meanings of Islam but also to arrive at a true and correct understanding of the divine. As such, to name a research centre of philosophical studies after him, means to perceive the relation between philosophy and religion, the non-contradiction of reason and revelation and the consilience of eastern and western philosophical paradigms. The Centre shall function as a teaching and

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    Prof. Lily Want

    I/C Director


It is with great pleasure that I welcome you to Averroes Centre for Philosophical Studies. The Centre has been established to engage you in fundamental questions about reality, knowledge and value besides helping you develop an interdisciplinary ap

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