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Boosting innovation and fostering entrepreneurship is imperative for development and improving the economy of the country. The successful entrepreneurship development leads to business development , social change and community development. The whole purpose of entrepreneurship development is to increase the number of start-ups and thereby making country export oriented. Entrepreneurship is always supported by innovations which nurtures novel ideas and transforms them into products, processes and services for the commercial exploitation and thereby making society self-reliant. The core philosophy of Centre is to change the mindset of youth towards innovation and entrepreneurship , as this region is facing huge challenge of unemployment scenario. Thus, establishing a Centre for Innovation and Entrepreneurship Development (CIED), specifically in the rural area is of eminence importance for bringing the grass root change in the society. The Centre has developed an enabling ecosyst

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    Dr. Parvez Ahmad Mir



In the current competitive era, we are facing many challenges in the ‘classy’ education sector. The inadequate access to quality and relevant education is the most pressing challenge to be tackled. To transform these challenges into opportunities, we

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