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    Dr. Parvez Ahmad Mir

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1 DETERMINANTS OF CONSUMER BUYING BEHAVIOR TOWARDS NON-PRESCRIPTION/OTC MEDICINES--Inter-National -- World Journal of Management & Economics ( 01-12-2022 ) 
2 The Effect of Job Transfer on Employee Satisfaction: A Study of Hospital Paramedic Staff--Inter-National ( 01-12-2022 ) 
4 A Critical Analysis of the Regional Trade Agreements Among One Belt One Road Nations--Inter-National -- 10.1149/10701.5343ecst ©The Electrochemical Society ECS Transactions, ( 30-04-2022 ) 
5 Revival of Kashmiri saffron industry: an exploratory study--Inter-National --J. International Business and Entrepreneurship Development, ( 30-09-2022 ) 
6 General Equilibrium Trade Policy Analysis among One Belt One Road Nations Using Structural Gravity Framework--Inter-National -- Foreign Trade Review ( 26-09-2022 ) 
7 1. Mir Aijaz A. & Mir Parvez A. (2021), “ Exploring the role of Supply Chain Management in Jammu and Kashmir’s Horticulture Apple Products”, --Inter-National --International Journal of Mechanical Engineering, ( 31-12-2021 ) 
8 Impact of Rural Development Schemes on Human Capital--Inter-National --International journal of Research in Commerce & Management ( 01-01-2015 ) 
9 OCTAPACE Culture in the Healthcare Sector: An Empirical Analysis--Inter-National --Research Journal of Social Science & Management (RJSSM ( 01-03-2015 ) 
10 Training and Development Gaps in the Handicraft Sector: An Empirical Study--Inter-National --Research Journal of Social Science & Management (RJSSM ( 01-07-2015 ) 
11 General Climate in the Hospitals-The Decisive Factor for Human Resource Development--Inter-National --Abhinav-International Journal Of Research In Management & Technology ( 01-08-2015 ) 
12 General Climate in the Hospitals-The Decisive Factor for Human Resource Development--Inter-National --Jindal Journal of Business Research ( 24-08-2021 ) 
13 Combined Scale for Measurement of Job Outcomes: Psychometric Properties and Validation--Inter-National --Journal of General Management Research ( 01-07-2016 ) 
14 Critical Issues in the Supply Chain Management of Kashmiri Apple--Inter-National --Researchers World-Journal of Arts, Science & Commerce ( 01-04-2018 ) 
15 The Critical Issues in the Supply Chain Management of Kashmiri Saffron--Inter-National --Researchers Journal of Economics & Business Studies (RJEBS ( 01-09-2018 ) 
16 A study on Performance Appraisal errors in Selected private Multi-Specialty Hospitals in J&K--Inter-National --International Journal of Multidisciplinary ( 24-08-2021 ) 
17 Operational Efficiency of Employment Schemes in Kashmir Division--Inter-National --Journal of Entrepreneurship and Management ( 24-08-2021 ) 
18 Impact of Employability Schemes on Employment of Kashmir--Inter-National --Dogo Rangsang Research Journal ( 01-08-2020 ) 
19 Performance Appraisal System-Issues and Challenges: A thematic Review--Inter-National --Shodh Sarita Journal ( 01-07-2020 ) 
20 A Study on Horticultural Development and its Marketing in the state of Jammu & Kashmi--Inter-National --Shodh Sarita Journal ( 24-08-2021 ) 
21 A study on promotion sub-structure for fruits and Vegetables in India--National --Airo International Research Journal ( 01-10-2020 ) 
22 A shift towards Eco-friendly: An Analysis of the factors influencing Consumer buying decision and regulatory norms concerning green Agro products in J&K--National --International Journal of Business and Management Invention (IJBMI) ( 01-03-2020 ) 
23 E-waste Issues and Challenges in Jammu and Kashmir --Inter-National --Future of E-waste Management:Challenges and Opportunities ( 30-04-2021 ) 
24 ‘A Conceptual Study on Supply Chain Management of Apples in Kashmir: Issues and Challenges’--Inter-National --Shodh Sarita Journal ( 30-12-2020 ) 
25 ‘Problems and Revival of Handicraft Industry in Kashmir-An Analysis’--Inter-National --Journal of Critical Reviews ( 01-10-2020 ) 
S.No.Project TitleProject StatusFunding AgencyPI COPI InvestgatorAmount of GrantDuration
1 Start Up India Seed Capital SchemeOngoingDPIIT - GOIPrincipal Investigator500.003 Year
2 Satisfaction of Healthcare professional towards Performance Appraisal System in J&KCompletedUGCPrincipal Investigator8.24 Three years
3 Entreprenurship Awearness Programms in IUSTCompletedDSTPrincipal Investigator1.20one year
4 A study of E-waste management in KashmirCompletedIUSTPrincipal Investigator2.05 2 year
5 Total Educational Quality Improvement Programme (TEQIP-III)CompletedMHRD, GOICo Principal Investigator2258 Three years
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