Teaching Departments
S.No. DepartmentEmail
1 Department of Civil Engineering hod.civil@islamicuniversity.edu.in
2 Department of Computer Science cs@iust.ac.in
3 Department of Computer Science and Engineering hod.cse@islamicuniversity.edu.in
4 Department of Electrical Engineering hod.ele@islamicuniversity.edu.in
5 Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering hod.ece@islamicuniversity.edu.in
6 Department of Food Technology hod.ft@islamicuniversity.edu.in
7 Department of Mechanical Engineering hod.me@islamicuniversity.edu.in
8 Department of Economics
9 Department of Management Studies hod.sbs@islamicuniversity.edu.in
10 Centre for International Relations cir@islamicuniversity.edu.in
11 Department of Arabic Language and Literature hod.arabic@islamicuniversity.edu.in
12 Department of English Language and Literature hod.english@islamicuniversity.edu.in
13 Department of Islamic Studies hod.islamicstudies@islamicuniversity.edu.in
14 Department of Journalism and Mass Communication hod.jmc@islamicuniversity.edu.in
15 Rinchen Shah Center For West Himalayan Cultures
16 Department of Chemistry hod.che@islamicuniversity.edu.in
17 Department of Mathematical Sciences math@islamicuniversity.edu.in
18 Department of Physics hod.phy@iust.ac.in
19 Centre for Vocational Studies
20 Watson-Crick Centre for Molecular Medicine
21 Department of Architecture hodarchitectureiust@iust.ac.in