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The Centre for Career Counselling and Placements (CCCP) acts as an essential entity in the University that provides its main stakeholders, the students, a guiding platform to explore, choose and realize their career goals. CCCP@IUST was formed in April 2022 and is operated by an executive committee of five faculty members from different schools of the university. CCCP@IUST is further strengthened by the departmental placement and internship coordinator (DPIC) for each department or centre. CCCP operates using the Campus Recruitment Coordinators (CRCs) who play a pivotal role in achieving the objectives of the centre.

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    Dr. Majid Hameed Koul



CCCP@IUST acts as a nodal point of contact for organizations seeking to establish a fruitful relationship with the University. CCCP@IUST has a mandate to provide placement and internship opportunities to students after and during their undergraduate

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